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Before you begin your Reflections Program, you must register your PTA with WV PTA.  We will then register for you at National PTA.  Use the fillable form below:

Register with WV PTA

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PTA Reflections Submission Form to WV PTA

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Deadline for projects submitted to the State PTA:  February 1, 2024.

1.  All Reflections Chairs or Coordinators need to fill out the "PTA Reflections                       Submissions Form" above to provide your contact information and how you are               submitting your entries.
2.  The top 4 winning entries per category may be submitted.
3.  The online "Student Entry Form" found on this page and all winning entry files                must be submitted by February 1,  2024:  
    a.  You may upload one main file with all category winning entries and "Student                   Entry Forms".   
    b.  We suggest using Google Drive and sharing the folder.  You can also use Drop                  Box or another  share file program.  You can create a folder for each student and               include their  Student Entry Form and their entry file.
     c.  Please share using email:     reflections@westvirginiapta.org             
Reflections Program Overview:
All children deserve opportunities to explore and be involved in the arts.

The National PTA Reflections program is PTA’s cornerstone arts program. It was developed in 1969 by Colorado’s PTA President Mary Lou Anderson to encourage students to explore their talents and express themselves. Since then, the Reflections Program has inspired millions of students to reflect on a specific theme and create original artwork. Each year, students in Grades Pre-K through 12 are recognized for bringing the theme to life through dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.  In 2012, the Special Artist Division emerged as an optional division for students whose physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges meet ADA guidelines.

The arts—and the National PTA Reflections program, in particular—can be a valuable tool for building stronger partnerships in your school community.

The theme for PTA’s 2023-2024 Reflections Program is​​​​​​​ "I Am Hopeful Because..."

Starting Your Own Reflections Program
Through the Reflections Awards Program, you can play a role in providing a positive learning environment for students that fosters self-exploration, encourages creative thinking and problem-solving, and promotes the exploration of arts and culture in the home, school and community. Any active PTA/PTSA in good standing is eligible to implement a Reflections Program. 

Step #1: Let us know you're participating in Reflections: National PTA and WV PTA encourages participants, of all levels, to REGISTER for the Reflections information. Please be advised you will not receive a confirmation email. 

Step #2:  Contact the West Virginia PTA Reflections Chair:  West Virginia PTA has a Reflections Committee that is focused on implementing the Reflections program. West Virginia PTA will have specific guidelines and deadlines, as well as a step-by-step Local PTA/PTSAs Reflections Guide as noted on this web page. Contact the Reflections Chair at reflections@westvirginiapta.org for guidnace and questions.

Step #3: Review the Rules:  The National PTA has rules for each arts category and the Special Artist Division. Each contestant must follow both the general rules and the category rules to be eligible for the National round.

Step # 4: Promote and Celebrate: Planning your program begins with recruiting others to help you, such as school staff, parents interested in the arts, or community arts organizations. Your State PTA will provide you with a step-by-step planning guide to help you implement the program including planning, promotion and celebration tools. Check out National PTA’s website for specific materials for the Reflections program at www.ptareflections.org
Implement your Reflections program in your PTA by following these easy steps:

1.  Customize the "Call for Entries" form and send out to students.

2.  Secure a date with your school administration for an "Art Gallery" evening that will showcase your student entries and serve as the mechanism for announcing the winners.  This is an opportunity for families to look at the entries and engage in the arts with their children.  Serve light refreshments for families.

3.  Once the student has submitted the form designating their interests, send them the Student Entry Form/General Rules and the Category Rules for each category the student has selected.  In this process, your PTA should define the deadline for entries and the date of the "Art Gallery" event.

4.  Line up your judges and have them judge the art before the "Art Gallery" event.
5.  Celebrate and hold your "Art Gallery" event where you can provide certificates to all participants and place finishers. Designate winners with a ribbon on the artwork.  Each school is allowed to send four (4) winners in each category and division to the State competition.  You can find special Reflections Awards at the West Virginia PTA Merchandise Store