Virtual Vendor Show

  • Check out the latest in resources to help your PTA soar!  Fundraising has changed and we want you to learn about the latest and hottest trends!
  • Select each vendor room and explore the resources and fundraising opportunities.

Special Guests

  • 2021 West Virginia Teacher of the Year, Erin Anderson
  • West Virginia State Superintendent, Clayton Burch
  • National PTA Representative, Nathan Monell, Executive Director

Registration Incentives

  • One (1) $20 paid registration will include a free $10 WV PTA Store gift certificate.
  • Four (4) Free PTA Officer registrations when your PTA signs up with MemberHub and link your account for membership reporting by April 1st, 2021.
  • For every PTA officer that registers, your PTA will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 Mini-Grant for your PTA.  You must be present on the virtual conference to win.

Member Business

  • Vote on the 2021-2013 West Virginia PTA Executive Board
  • Vote on a Resolution for Increased School Nurse to Student Ratio
  • Vote on a proposed amendment change to Article XI Board of Managers, Section 8 of the West Virginia PTA Bylaws:
    • Current: At all meetings of the West Virginia PTA Board of Managers, ten (10) members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
    • Proposed: At all meetings of the West Virginia PTA Board of Managers, a majority of members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



Presenter: Rose Rossana, WV PTA President

Learn how this valuable tool can help you run your PTA more efficiently online and from anywhere that you have computer access.  In addition to easily selling Memberships and paying your State and National dues, this workshop can show you how to take your PTA to the next level using MemberHub.  You will learn about your own school store, storing your Standards of Affiliation documents, communicating with your PTA members about events, built-in fundraising platforms, Givebacks and more!


Presenter: Karen Sherman,  WV PTA At-Large Member 

Learn how your PTA can offer programs that will educate and empower families, facilitate connections between families and teachers, create a bridge between home and school life, and more.  Learn how you can apply the principles of family engagement to your PTA and how to stay engaged.

PTA 101

Presenter: Janelle Sperry, 2015-2017 WV PTA President & Current Vice-President

Presenter: Monica Blythe, WV PTA Treasurer

This workshop covers why PTA matters and what the key roles are for PTA board members.  We will focus on how to implement the planning process in your TPA in terms of “how to get started” and end our sessions with an idea exchange.