Bylaws Cover Letter from Dani Hancock, Bylaws Chair

Bylaws are designed to help the group function in an orderly manner. A copy of Bylaws for the Local PTA/PTSA Units should be provided to all officers and board members. Each member should be responsible for making a thorough study of them. A copy of the bylaws should be made available to any member of the association upon request.

If a unit cannot locate the bylaws, please contact the West Virginia PTA Office. Suggested Local Unit Bylaws should be used when developing or revising bylaws. Suggested Local Unit Bylaws are pre-printed and provide blank spaces to fill in according to a unit's needs and should be used.  Sections or Articles in the bylaws that are marked with a # sign must not be changed and should remain in the bylaws as suggested.

Each local unit and county council are required to review and submit their bylaws every three years to remain a unit in good standing. Contact the West Virginia PTA Office or email Dani Hancock, Bylaws Chair, at bylaws@westvirginiapta.org to check the status of your local unit or county council bylaws. 

Changing Bylaws
Bylaws should be reviewed every three years and submitted for approval by West Virginia PTA. Appoint a small committee to study them, make recommendations, and forward to the West Virginia PTA Office. Give 30 days' written notice of proposed amendments to association members. Recognize that a two-thirds (2/3rd) vote of members present at the meeting is required to amend the bylaws.
FAQS: Bylaws
What do we do if our president resigns? Fill the vacancy according to your local unit bylaws.
What's the difference between an amendment and a revision? Amendments are changes made to bylaws. A revision is the substitution of an entirely new set of bylaws. A revision is more complicated because your old bylaws are opened up for changes as well as the new revised bylaws. A vote has to be taken on which set of bylaws the unit wishes to adopt. Amendments are much easier to deal with even if there are a significant number of them.
How often does our local unit need to send in our bylaws? Local units operate under bylaws that have been approved by West Virginia PTA. Each local unit is to submit their bylaws for approval every three years. Mandatory amendments adopted by the National or West Virginia PTAs are automatically part of your local unit's bylaws. If your local unit makes a change at the local level, your bylaws must be submitted to West Virginia PTA for approval.
If a quorum was not present at a general meeting and we voted on officers, is that a legal election? No. If a quorum is not present, then no business is to be conducted. If the presiding officer ignores the fact, any member should call attention to the lack of a quorum before any business or elections take place. If a quorum is not present at any meeting required in the bylaws such as election of nominating committee or officers, you must fix the time for an adjourned meeting. An adjourned meeting may be held any time prior to the next regular meeting.

Be sure to check out the West Virginia PTA Local Unit Handbook and the National PTA Back to School Kit for helpful resources on bylaws and running your PTA!